SWAROVSKI SCS Annual Edition 1998 PEGASUS 216327 + Stand

100% Original Authentic Genuine Swarovski Crystal.

Annual Edition 1998

Trilogy: Fabulous Creatures

The Annual Edition Pegasus is the final issue of the Swarovski Collector's Society 'Fabulous Creatures'. 
This lovely mythical design features a mostly clear crystal Pegasus with a frosted mane and tail. 
It is properly displayed when resting on its back two feet with the front feet in the air. 
The Pegasus wings are outstretched, as if ready to fly. 
The SCS Pegasus figurine is approximately 15 cm long. 
The Unicorn and Dragon are the other 2 SCS designs in the Fabulous Creature series.

Designer Adi Stocker

Comes with original Stand.

US$ 211,91
Original Certificate Included
Original Packaging Like new
Item Condition Flawless / Pristine
Included The original Certificate is included in the packaging.
Excluded The original Certificate is not included in the packaging.
Does not apply At the end of 2009 Swarovski stopped producing the generic certificates. We note if the original Certificate is there or not. Please remember that Swarovski stopped producing the generic certificates for their items at the end of 2009, and therefore certificates cannot be sent for those items as they were never part of the package. When a special annual certificate or other type was included than it is included in the packaging as well, if not than this is set to excluded.
Like new The packaging is "'New / Like new''
Without original packaging The piece is without packaging.
No outer packaging The original inner packaging is there. The thinner outer is not.
Packaging in used condition The original box is there but has clearly visible usage.
Outer packing in used condition The outer packaging can be removed then the inner packaging will be as new.
Without barcode sticker The piece is in it's original packaging, only the little pictorial label on the box is missing.
We try to distinct as good as possible the conditions regarding the above mentiones conditions. Please remember that you are buying a previously owned product and therefore the boxes may not be as pristine as the crystal. We send the best quality box we have for the piece, but we definitely do not send any box which we would not be happy to receive ourselves.
Designer Adi Stocker
Introduced 1998
Retired 1998
Measurements 12.0 x 0.0 x 14.5 cm
Article Number 216327
System Number 7400/098/000
EAN 9003142163276
Manufacturer Swarovski
Made in Austria
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New Condition, Damaged Condition.

Original Packaging

As new, Without original packaging, No outer packaging, Packaging in used condition, Outer packing in used condition, Without barcode sticker.

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Discontinued or out of production.


Start of production.

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